Health Insurance for Transgender People in Washington D.C.

by emilycao on Avril 23, 2014 - 9:51pm

In the article “D.C. Mayor Makes Major Move Expanding Trans Health Care” published on February 27, 2014 on The Advocate’s website, the author Parker Marie Molloy talks about a new policy advantageous for transgender people living in Washington, D.C. It was announced that all health insurance policies, like Medicaid, would be required to cover transition-related medical services such as gender-confirming surgeries. As mayor Vincent Gray said during the announcement of the new regulation, it is a major step for transgender people, who had to pay a lot for these essential treatments when others didn’t have to. Officials from the D.C.’s Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking declared that it was discriminatory “to limit or deny medically necessary treatments for gender dysphoria”. The department released a bulletin instructing insurers to cover for these treatments.

Since my final project is a research paper on the health system and ways to improve transgender people’s access to health care, I am pleased to learn that in Washington, D.C., health insurances now cover treatments for transgender people. Even though it is only in one place, it is still a good start for the end of discrimination against transgender people. By sharing this article and talking about this news story, maybe it will influence other districts to change their health insurance policies.

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