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by JL on Avril 19, 2014 - 3:50pm

    Daniel Brennan wrote the article “Why Your Good Study Habits Are Wrong” on December 22, 2013, in order to give tips about studying. According to her, lot of parents have strong opinions about how their child study and want them to finish their homework as soon as they get back home. Some believe that children learn best when they study quietly alone and should sit still until they finish all their work. New researches show that the “usual” way of studying is not the best way anymore. The methods of studying differs from one child to another, since they are all different. Different techniques help some and other routines help others. One amidst many tips of studying would be exercising the body for around 15 to 20 minutes before, because exercising may help the brain to concentrate better. However, too much exercise will exhaust the body and therefore make studying harder due to the lack of concentration. Another one would be picking a good study spot. Do not let someone choose for you, you have to find a place where you will pay the most attention. Additionally, listening to music. Many thinks that music distracts children, thus studying while listening music is less effective. According to Brennan, it really depends on the child, some finds that music negate all the sound around them, helping them to concentrate better. Others may get into the music too much and forget their assignment. It really depends on the child. One of the most important is taking short breaks, take a walk for 10 minutes, do something else, just anything. Concentration takes a lot of energy and taking breaks will help you focus all over again. 

    I believe that parents forcing children to finish all their homework and study right after school is just wrong. Most student are at school for more than eight hours a day and parents are expecting that children will be able to concentrate after they get back home. In those eight hours, around six hours are dedicated to classes where they have to listen to the teacher and do assignments. After six hours of concentration, most people are already exhausted, how can one still expect them to continue working when they reach home. 

    I don’t know about you, but I tend to always cram all the information into my head the night right before the exam. There’s a lot of bad consequences to it, for example: lack of time to remember everything, having a blank during the test and forgetting almost everything right after the test. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who waits until the last minute to study because it is so boring. Well, at least for me it is. More importantly, these are bad habits to studying and must be changed, I believe mentioning tips about good studying habits may help others who have trouble studying. 

    In more developed countries, most people take studying for granted. They wish they could just skip school, stay home and play video games or just have fun with friends. One thing that most student forget is that, a lot of people in other countries doesn’t have such opportunity. They cannot afford paying for education since they are barely getting enough food every day. As Malala said in her book “I am Malala”, education is something we pay for, it is not something that everything gets for free. Many would give up their most important things to obtain the same education as people in developed countries. I believe another reason people are having a hard time studying is because they take it for granted, they do not cherish their opportunity and they do not do their best to learn. 

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