"Morning After" Regrets in College

by sgrup2 on Avril 14, 2014 - 11:44pm

A hookup can be defined as a sexual activity from kissing to sexual intercourse between two people that could be in a relationship or not in a relationship. Researchers found that alcohol consumption and hooking up have a high correlation. Fielder and Carey, two researchers on this topic, found data that stated 64% of their first semester female sample reported drinking at least one drink prior to hooking up and on average the females had 3 drinks before hooking up. From this study, researchers concluded that both male and female partners who hooked up were drinking before. Scientists were trying to find reasoning behind why drinking alcohol promotes sexual activity and they found the college student perceive alcohol as both facilitating and even a motivation for sexual interaction. Not only did researchers find that alcohol is correlated with hooking up but they also learned that females were less content with post hookup than males. Females are more embarrassed by the act the next day and males are more proud. Two main risk factors related to hooking up are drinking prior to hooking up and have a sexual encounter with an unfamiliar partner.

            The authors of this journal want to inform current college students about how alcohol affects your willingness to hookup with someone. The author wants college males and females to be aware of what can cause a hookup and the harm of hooking up with someone unfamiliar. I can relate to this article because I am a college student and this happens all around me. When alcohol is involved many people are looking for someone new to hookup with and having alcohol in their system can lead to a bad judgment on who they may hookup with. This happens a lot in college and there are many experiences I heard from my girl friends and most of them regretted their decision to hookup with their partner. It is important that college students realize the harmful effects alcohol could have on ones decision-making. Having sex with unfamiliar partners could lead to unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and unsafe situations.


Reference: LaBrie, J. W., Hummer, J. F., Ghaidarov, T. M., Lac, A., & Kenney, S. R. (2014). Hooking Up in the College Context: The Event-Level Effects of Alcohol Use and Partner Familiarity on Hookup Behaviors and Contentment. Journal Of Sex Research, 51(1), 62-73. doi:10.1080/00224499.2012.714010

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