Consequences of teen prenancy

by rande2 on Avril 14, 2014 - 3:52pm

Teen pregnancy is an ongoing conflict not just in the United States, but all over the world.  More teenage girls are getting pregnant now, than ever before because they do not take the necessary precautions such as contraception.  This article focuses on girls at the age of 13/14 and teaching them the precautions and consequences that sex can bring.  This Teens and Toddlers intervention does not only focus on the risk of teen pregnancy but shows girls the potential they have in social skills, education, and careers.  Reducing teen pregnancies in the US and UK is a very high priority.  In poorer areas, there is a higher chance that girls will be pregnant during her teenage year; this does not give the child a healthy and nurturing life.  Evidence shows that some girls had sex with a man more than ten times in just three months without using contraception.  When asked if they think they will become pregnant before the age 20, they said they feel it is very likely.  This intervention is to help girls seek guidance and teach them consequences of teen pregnancy.  Overall 73 % of teenagers enrolled into this program complete it.

            The key concept in this article is to teach girls the potential they can have in life if they practice abstinence or use contraception.  By this, the author means that if girls are safe about the decisions they make when it comes to sex, they can prevent it and have a more normal life for a teenager.  For example, the article addresses that some reasons for teen pregnancy is due to confidence issues.  Some girls just feel that they need to go out and have sex to make themselves have a higher confidence. When the researchers asked, in the last three months do you agree or disagree that you like yourself? Most of the girls disagreed.  The articles uses these statistics/ facts from the experiment to show that teen pregnancy is a controversial problem.  Teens and Toddlers tries to convince girls how to prevent teen pregnancy if they are having self-esteem problems and to support them with their life goals.  They use everyday life situations to help prove that teen pregnancy can be/ should be prevented.  For instance, they discuss with the girls that they have dreams and goals that they should accomplish in life before taking on the responsibility of a child.  Teens and Toddlers intervention group is a great reason why girls should be smart and practice abstinence.


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