The Impact of Sports on Youth

by jfree1 on Avril 13, 2014 - 12:46pm

The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance analyzed that young people who participate in sports are more highly motivated, as well as creating rich environments for personal and social development (Maximizing 2013).  This is a relatable statement to almost everyone in the American culture, as it seems that sports have affected everyone in some way. Whether sports may be as serious as a life style, or games that they played in gym class when they were younger. Of course this is not always the case and playing a sport does not automatically mean that one will have these results. Results are determined by the manner that the sport is organized, the relationship between the youth’s parents, peers, and coaches, meaning that the youth gives the sport experience, and how they integrate the sport experience into other parts of their life (Maximizing 2013). It is also evident that sports help benefit the physical health of youths as well. Sports help to reduce the time that children and teens spend time in positions that are sedentary, and promote them to be more active. This contributes to long-term health benefits, and can lead to participation in sports when they are adults as well.


            This article implied that sports at a young age can help contribute to positive personal and social development. This article focuses on the positives of the impact on sports and focuses in what manner that sports can have the greatest impact on an individual. The author mentions how sports do not automatically produce positive benefits, but the author goes further to analyze the best way that these benefits can be produced. The author says that positive benefits depend on the manner in which the sport is organized, the relationship between the youth’s peers, coaches, and parents, the meaning that the individual gives the sport experience, and how that individual integrates that experience into others parts of life.  The author takes this evaluation further and gives advice as to how the sport should be coached and what priorities should be made when coaching. The article does not give any negative aspects of sports, and only focuses on how to create a positive experience. In my life, I grew up playing both hockey and soccer. I had very different impacts from each of these sports. Although I liked the sport of hockey more than soccer, I enjoyed playing soccer more than I did hockey. This is because I liked the community that my soccer coaches created comparative to my hockey coaches. From the experience that I had with soccer, I ended up choosing to play soccer in high school over hockey. Many of my friends today were the ones that I bonded with on the soccer field



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