"Opinion: Seeking the right to vote"

by reillymccambridge on Avril 9, 2014 - 9:13pm


"Opinion: Seeking the right to vote"

Emily Hazlett, Montreal Gazette



This article essentially summarizes a problem that many young and foreign voters are facing this past week; they are being denied the right to vote. Hazlett -who moved here from Ontario in 2011- was denied the right to vote as soon as she stepped into the electorate office; being told that she had no right to vote because she was not domiciled in Quebec. The woman behind the counter then told Hazlett that she was a student paying out province tuition fees so that was why she couldn't vote; even if she was infact domiciled in Quebec. Eventually Hazlett demanded to speak with someone of higher status. After speaking to the supervisor Hazlett was granted her right after a simple address change. However the woman who initially rejected her over false pretenses was not told what she had done was wrong. Hazlett then states that "The electoral officers are clearly discriminating against students, anglophones and allophones". She says this because when in the office she watched others also be refused for no good reason. This was unbelievable for Hazlett, she made a protest before she left the office but was happy to know that she fought for her right to vote on April 7th. The thing that surprised Hazlett the most was the perfectly clear discrimination going on before her very eyes.


Personally I see this as a very big problem. Come election time everyone has their personal opinions; however they should not be put into place when it comes to people working at electorate offices. Every person working there should be absolute and unbiased. The fact that this woman felt the need to deny Hazlett the right to vote because of a personal view is sickening. Personally I believe that the only way to make sure this doesn't happen again is to create a process where biased workers will be prevented from working in election stations. Although I'm glad that Hazlett ended up being able to vote I’m also upset because of the countless citizens who did not. 

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