Successful alcohol free weddings

by Kiss on Mars 17, 2014 - 10:31am

“Impossible!” would shout the average person who has attended an eastern European wedding. Alcohol is so intertwined with the cultural traditions of Slavs that a dry wedding would be hard to imagine but not for Priest Włdysław Zązel who is the leading figure of the movement “Wedding of the Weddings”.

Priest Włdysław Zązel lives in Kamesznica, Poland. In 1994 he administered 120 dry weddings in his parish alone. His movement started on “Maryja”, a radio show, where he was asked questions on dry wedding and realised that a lot of people were celebrating dry wedding across Poland. That’s what lead him to invite anyone who had marriage alcohol free to an annual party called “Wedding of the Weddings”. Although he promotes complete abstinence I believe it’s important to remove alcohol as a mandatory consumption in social context and show that fun is made with the people and not the consumption.  Such steps would succeed where prohibition miserably failed: to bring back a healthier and safer environment in society.

It’s important to mention that the goal of such groups is ultimately to change the culture of a society without radically affecting it. A lot of people oppose this believing that it steps on their right to decide what they want to consume but that is not the goal. If Włdysław Zązel succeeds in spreading his word abroad and changing the general attitude towards alcohol it will create an unprecedented opportunity at such traditional ceremonies: to refuse without seeming to be impolite or plain rude. Thus as an outcome freedom of choice will increase.


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