Maryse Mitchell-Brody: Making Real Change Happen

by gabriel_heuvelink on Mars 17, 2014 - 12:09am

In my recent article “Depression in Teen Boys: A Real Problem” I explored the issue of mental health in teen boys, and I will continue to explore related issues in my upcoming articles. This is why I chose Maryse Mitchell-Brody, a social worker based in New York City.

            Maryse Mitchell-Brody holds a bachelor’s degree in Development Economics and International Development, Religious Studies from Mcgill University and has worked for organizations such as the Midtown Center for Personal Development, Rock Dove Collective and has done personal consultancy as a social worker. However, Mitchell-Brody’s involvement in organizations such as the Icarus Project has distinguished her as a change maker in the world of mental illness awareness. As a social worker, Mitchell-Brody has also co-founded her own organization, SWANK (Sex Workers Action New York) that focuses on offering support and outreach for sex workers in New York. With eight past organizational affiliations, 4 current organizational affiliations and 41 facilitations, presentations, trainings and workshops, Maryse Mitchell-Brody truly has revealed herself as a leading authority in mental health issues and social work.

            The importance of Mitchell-Brody’s work is also extremely important because it shows the amount of change one person can cause when dedicated. Although we often picture large organizations and a handful of unique people when we talk about world- changers, we often forget that there are everyday heroes everywhere around us and that the actions of one person affects the lives of many. Who knows, in the future Maryse Mitchell-Brody could be a household name like Ghandi or Nelson Mandela. 


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