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by robinlang on Février 28, 2014 - 4:32pm

Support the Tour

Robin Lang

Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties tour focuses on stopping the expansion of the oil sands and the creation of a major pipeline, although there are many advantages in these expansions there are also many risks and negative factors to this, which is why I stand in support of the tour.

One reason to be in support of the Honour the Treaties tour is because of the fact that it is against the expansion of the oil sands which cause a risk to the health of people as well as the environment. Already, oil sands are Canada’s number one source of CO2 emissions, they cause great pollution to both the water and air and involve the destruction of land and water habitats. The expansion of the oil sands and the creation of this pipeline will just add to this destructive path we’ve created. The oil sands also add major health concerns to people living nearby. Take cancer for example, rates in cancers such as leukemia, lupus and lymphoma have all increased in the populations near the oil sands.

Another reason to support the tour is because of the fact that the expansion of the oil sands and the creation of the pipeline will take away even more land from the first nations living in the area. Already the oil sands of Alberta have deprived natives, such as the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations, of eighty percent of their land.  Many of the First Nations use their land for hunting and fishing, but when the water is polluted and the land has been taken what do they have left?

Lastly, the Honour the Treaties Tour should be supported because it is able to spread awareness. Although Neil Young hasn’t lived in Canada for over fifty years and I personally believe that he doesn’t truly get to have a say in what goes on in this country, his popularity is able to help shine light on the issue of the oil sands in Athabasca. This is extremely important because people from anywhere in the world are able to learn more about what’s going on and why there is so much debate over the topic. Neil’s popularity and influence over so many people might be exactly what it will take to put an end to the expansion of the oil sands.

In conclusion, people should definitely support the Honour the Treaties Tour. Without making the stand that this tour is making we put the health of the people in Athabasca, the environment and First Nations land all at risk.

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