Forget Me Not: The Alzheimer Society of Montreal

by Kindsey on Février 24, 2014 - 1:44pm

The Alzheimer Society of Montreal wants everyone to realize that “Beyond the disease there is the person”. Their goal is to help out people suffering from Alzheimer and their families by easing the consequences related to this mental illness. Moreover, they constantly promote studies to find out the source of Alzheimer and discover a cure. Every year they hold the “Walk for Memories” which has for goal to sensitize the population to Alzheimer and other similar illnesses as well as to collect money to continue researching for the causes and cure, and so that the Alzheimer Society can continue to offer quality services to people diagnosed with dementia as well as their close ones. They also hold a ball every year and a golf tournament as fundraisers with the same goal as the Walk for Memories. Furthermore, their support services includes counselling, support groups, teleconferences, conferences, a training program for Health Care Professionals, activity centers and so much more. The Society needs donations, participation in their events, people to organize more fundraisers and volunteers, many volunteers. I have contacted Jessica Seidman for further projects and activities planned this year and she confirmed that all activities and project remain the same year to year.

                These volunteers are needed in Activity Centers, to help spread out awareness in conferences, to help out at their events and their fundraising campaigns, and to give them a hand in the Society’s offices.

                If you are interested to volunteer for The Alzheimer Society of Montreal, you need to send your CV, a completed form (found here) and a letter of motivation either by e-mail at or by mail at the following address:

Alzheimer Society of Montreal 
5165 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 410
Montreal, Quebec 
H4A 1T6.

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