College Stress

by bjone9 on Février 18, 2014 - 12:54am

Briana Jones

            This article centers on the information from a national survey that was created by University of California at Los Angeles, which contained aspects relating to college freshmen’s emotional health. The topic of their emotional health has evidence from aspects such as the colleges’ services of counseling and prevention treatments. There are several diagrams that illustrate the conclusions of the survey. With the information that came from the surveys, a relationship between students wanting to succeed equals them under pressure and extremely stressed out. The surveys’ results are demonstrating that the students with decent emotional health are decreasing. Depression and anxiety are two major issues that students are dealing with as they enter into obtaining higher education. It also demonstrated that those who killed themselves did not receive any counseling during their hardships. The data collected in the survey was of 200,000 freshmen at four-year colleges/universities and attending for the first time at full- time status.

            The article that was based on the survey had all reasoning from its information that was provided. There were questions about college freshmen’s emotional health relating to their role in higher education. The more ambition the students display, then the more there were issues with them having as they tried to be successful. This had to be discovered for the problem to be solved.


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