The Death Penalty

by andrewmarcotte on Février 16, 2014 - 11:30am

Should we have the death penalty in Canada?

The article that I chose was on the topic of capital punishment (death penalty) in short what this article talks about is the removal of the death penalty in Canada.  They talk about the leaders that were in place and what they did to remove the death penalty. They also talk about how in fact we did use the death penalty and what we did to the person that was getting executed.

The main question we ask yourself is, is it right to execute someone even though what they did was wrong. Well everyone looks at it differently because we all have a different point of view. Some people may view this as morally wrong because even though he did in fact kill a person he does not deserve to die. These people would much rather have him sit in jail and rot there. The other people feel that his death is justifiable and is morally right because how they see it, is like the ancient civilisations “an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth as the saying goes” Hammurabi’s code. No one can say which one is right and wrong. But the government decided that it was in fact wrong to they got rid of the right to execute people.

The government as stated in the article “Death Penalty in Canada” they stated that since “1867, all civilian executions in Canada were conducted by hanging (military executions were traditionally by shooting)” (Amnesty international, 2013) they got rid of this because we are past what many people would call the stone ages.

In today’s society people don’t agree on many things such as the death penalty. Here is my view on the death penalty and I will give you both sides to my opinion. First let’s start on why the death penalty is morally wrong. Firstly even though he may have killed someone the act of killing another human being is not right in any way. Also for us to use the death penalty costs a lot of money because of all the trials and as well as the fact that if that person is later proven innocent then we can no longer bring the person back so mistakes can and have been made. 

The opinion that I feel the strongest about is that we should actually kill the person because that way they can reflect on what they did as they walk to their deaths. Because what they did is wrong and they should not be allowed to live that way the family will still be at a loss but at least they can sleep at night knowing that this person will never be able to do this crime ever again. I feel that if the family can rest at night knowing this that the death penalty is worth it because that person ruined there life’s so why shouldn’t his be ended?

Do you think we should bring back the death penalty? If so why?




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