An Optician did it, why can’t you?

by bgeise3 on Février 13, 2014 - 9:07pm

In The article “Opticians can help fight cyber bullying” by Robina Moss, the owner of the Goodlooking Optics, Gary Kousoulou set up a workshop to raise awareness of all the suicides recently because of cyberbullying. He was surprised about all the support and business that he got after doing this. He was seeing the benefits of being community-minded first and business-minded second. Gary Kousoulou is basically saying that it helps you to be unselfish. Typically people wouldn’t think that an optician would be a person to go to if you are having problems and need to talk about cyber bullying, and that is exactly the point I am trying to make. You can be anyone to stop, and inform people about cyber bullying, you don’t have to even own a business, be popular, or have a lot of friends, you just have to care about what people think and be there for them. Why not you?

A couple elements of thought relate to this article, including purpose and the question at issue. I believe the purpose of this article is to get more people to help the cause, and I think it is very possible to get more people aware of cyber-bullying. Even if you are not affected by cyber-bullying, most likely people around you are, and that’s why you should care. The question at issue would be why can’t you help? If an optician can do it, why can’t you.

Resources: (Moss, R. 2013, “Opticians can help fight cyber bullying”, Optometry today, Vol. 53, p. 30-33)


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