The Effects of Technology on Ethics in Business

by nspatz on Février 12, 2014 - 4:24pm

We have been discussing the ever greater effects of technology on the way we do business. Now the question to answer is how do these changes in technology affect ethics. Post about the topic in general or about an aspect of this question that you find interesting. The length should vary according to your abilities in English (and what you have to say).

The criteria for Evaluation are as follows:

Grammar and Language
Is your grammar appropriate to your class level?
Is your vocabulary accurate and expressive?
Did you analyze your own grammar using grammar correctors?

10 points

Is your content well organized and logical?
Did you explain the main point of the article?
Do you think this trend is a good thing? Why or why not?
Did you provide a link to the source or sources of your information?

10 points Total 20 points


About the author

Norm Spatz entered the Cégep system in 1989 teaching Architectural Technology in French. As a result of declining enrolment in his original department and the reform which made English a core studies requirement, he became an ESL teacher in 1997 but never abandoned his technical interests.