Place of religion in today's society

by charlescarriercote on Février 11, 2014 - 11:09pm

To begin, I think that the place of religion in society should be private. Here are my thoughts on this topic. I have absolutely no problem with any religion and I have absolutely no problem with anyone who believes in a particular religion. I love diversity because that is what makes us open ourselves and grow in the inside. However, I think that for society's and every individual's best interests, religion needs to stay private. I just want to say that going to church or to the mosque is absolutely fine, but promoting a particular religion publically should not be done. For example, wearing a discrete object referring to your beliefs is acceptable, but doing a manifestation about a religion shouldn't be tolerated. It only creates conflicts with people that do not have the same beliefs. Personnally, I wouldn't care and I would only ignore it if it doesn't speak to me, but not everyone is the same and we all know that some people may get excited quickly which could lead to all kinds of altercations. To maintain a certain social order, placing religion in an individual's private life is certainly the best option.

Also, since social order is the main reason why I believe that religion should have a private place in society, I think that it shouldn't be the case with all societies. For example, in Saudi Arabia or Irak, close to 100% of the population pray Allah. In those cases, if society tolerates public promotion of the religion, it wouldn't affect anyone. Moreover, I think it would be worse it these societies didn't accept religion to be practiced publically because since almost everyone is a muslim, the people would take such a law as an offense against the population. It wouldn't be a good decision for the country's social order. This is why I think that religion should not be treated the same way in every society.

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