Escalator tragedy in Montreal

by Sarah B. on Février 9, 2014 - 10:21pm

Sometimes, negligible elements can cause accidents and deaths.  Everyday life actions can become dangerous if we don't pay enough attention to them. Anne Sutherland and Michelle Lalonde explained in The Gazette one of these events that happened in Montreal on January 30, 2014. This accident causes the death of a 48 years-old women while she was going down the escalator in the metro station. Her scarf got caught at the end of the escalator. When she tried to free herself, her hair got also caught and she died of strangulation a few minutes later. Her scarf was strangling her to death and no one was able to help her. The witnesses did not know what to do and how to stop the escalator. A mechanism is supposed to stop the escalator when a certain pressure is done against the natural movement of the stairs. Also, stop buttons are installed on the escalator and can be push to stop the movement of the steps in case of an emergency. Further investigations are needed to know whether or not these systems were working properly at the moment of the accident. Moreover, these stairs were due to be changed in the next few years according to an engineer who works for the STM (Societe de transport de Montreal).



We should make sure that everyone have read and knows the rules of safety when they use escalators. Also, we must be aware that the red buttons placed at the beginning and at the end of the escalators can be used to stop the escalator when needed. Furthermore, small sandals, untie shoelaces and all other hanging elements should be avoid in escalator. We must pay more attention to actions we performed every day because the simplest things can become very dangerous. 



Original article from the Gazette:

"Escalator death startles transit users; Fabre station; Woman dies after scarf and then hair are caught"

By Anne Sutherland and Michelle Lalonde, posted January 31, 2014

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