This is unbelievable

by LP on Février 9, 2014 - 9:09pm

The article “Russian LGBT activists arrested on first day of Sochi games” posted on February 7, 2014 talks about the arrests and the inequality towards gays happening in Russia during the Olympics Games.  The police in Russia has arrested at least 14 gays that were protesting in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the day of the opening of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. According to Russian reporters 10 activists were detained in Moscow for waving the gay pride flag on the Red Square. The Red Square is considered the central area of all Russia, this is where all the major streets and highway originate from. According to Natalia Tsymbalova, a local LGBT activist, four protesters were also arrested in St. Petersburg for exposing a banner that quoted the Olympic Charter. Russian anti-gay law ban any kind of public display, including protests, the 14 activists arrested may need to face fines or even a prison sentence. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin met with Dutch leaders who wanted to challenge his position on the gays but in response the President mentioned this should be about the games and not about debating politics. The article also cited that several world leader like President Barack Obama decided not to attend the Olympics games because of Russia anti-gays laws. U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon decided to attend the Games but did a speech on Friday pushing gay rights in sports. Not only are world leaders standing up to this inequality but also worldwide companies are. Google change their usual search page logo to a rainbow-colorer backdrop. Reading this article, I thought that the protests and awareness made by these world leaders and international companies are very powerful. But to improve our world, this should not only be spoken of during the Olympic Games, this movement needs to continue even after the Games to improve these inequalities.  

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