Heroin is in and Hoffman’s out

by Kiss on Février 9, 2014 - 6:54pm

Since the death of 46 year old actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, the cause of death was suspected to be murder related. Four individuals were arrested, while searching for whomever sold the drugs to Hoffman, Wednesday the fifth of February on charges of possession and distribution of controlled substances. Among the drugs there were more than 350 bags of heroin that were seized. The murder of Hoffman can`t be blamed on the 4 arrested but they will spend a few years in jail on charges of possession and distribution.

            I may be argued that the accused are responsible for the death of Hoffman but the putting the blame should not be the main concern as the problem lies in the pressure of the media on actors. Too many talented actors, musicians and other celebrities of all kind died because of the pressures of their profession. We need to demystify the halo that surrounds celebrities and bring them back to the status of equal citizens in order to prevent unnecessary suicides.


Original article: HAYS, Tom. “Montreal-born musician among 4 arrested in Hoffman death investigation”. Published February 5, 2014. The Globe and Mail.

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