Is it Ethically and Morally right to test on animals for the benefits of humans?

by hasina_gn on Février 7, 2014 - 6:14pm

Is it ethically and morally right to test on animals for the benefits of humans?
This article “anima testing is cruel and immoral regardless of the benefits associated with it” is about testing on animals for medical experiments. The author argues, using animal for the benefits of humans is unethical, and he brings up the values of equality that all living beings should be equal. Thus, he supports the idea of Peter Singer who is a bioethics professor at the University of Princeton said that, the most important similarity between human and animal is that they feel pain and suffer like humans do. So the author continues, since the animals feel pain and suffer we should not ignore this simply because they are not from our species. He also notes that, humans are taking advantage of their superiority over animals, because most of the time the experimentations are done in such unethical ways. He refers to the experiment on 150 baboons that was done very unethical at the University of Pennsylvania. Apart from medical research animals are also abused by food companies ,for the fact that they are raised by improper diet in tiny places that they are not able to  move themselves .As he continues, the experimentations are always done hidden, since this is a legal practice it should be done openly that everyone can see. The author claims that, the values of fairness, compassion and justice of animals are abused, for the fact that they are speechless and cannot express themselves On the  other hand , researchers argues that, human life is essential, and saving human life is more important than animals. They defend the value of security of humans, therefore, testing on animals will able them to make safe drugs to save humans lives. In addition, researchers argue that, animals do not feel the same level of pain as humans do. On the other hand, the author denies this fact and argues, since humans and animal have the similar nervous system than they must be feeling the same level of pain.
However, I agree with the author’s point of view, that testing on animals is ethically wrong. Since animals can feel pain and have desires like we do, than we have no authority to kill them or use them for our own benefits and desires. Also, for the sake of sake of equality of all living creatures, I think it is a morally wrong act. it has become very common that cosmetic companies do their testing on animals which I think is unnecessary and useless. Finally for the food purposes, we can get our nutrients from fruits and vegetables that are available for us. So, is it ethical to kill an animal for human’s benefits?
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