Rob Ford caught for Vancouver Jaywalking (incl. FordNation webseries)

by gregpdesrosiers on Février 6, 2014 - 6:12pm

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now notorious than before, because he has been ticketed for jaywalking in Vancouver, according to “Rob Ford ticketed for jaywalking in Vancouver,” written by Staff and published on February 1, 2014. While in Vancouver, he was fined for crossing a street on red light, somewhere in the Coquitlam District. His trip was for a funeral, a few days after a lawsuit against him suggesting that he was going to assault his sister’s ex-boyfriend in jail.

In addition, Scott MacIntyre argues that Ford was going to attack him, through jail staff, to stop him from spreading the word on Ford’s unacceptable behavior. Ford has been notorious starting from when he declared last year that he smoked crack cocaine during the state of “drunken stupor.”

Currently, Ford is planning to launch a new web series, according to the article “’Ford Nation:’ Ford brothers’ new series to hit the web on Monday,” written by CTV Toronto and published February 6, 2014. In addition to promotion, a YouTube video presents the promises that Ford has broken to the city of Toronto.

There’s only one particular improvement I want to suggest. Because of how he has been doing some bad acts as a mayor, where it would go against his interest of managing Toronto, we should design a petition and spread the word; not only in Toronto, but also to most of Central and Eastern Canada. The petition would simply say to force Rob Ford to resign as mayor of Toronto, and instead have a new mayor be elected as soon as possible. The petition should also allow the Government of Ontario to step in and assist in getting a replacement mayor for Toronto than leaving Ford in place.

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