Does Africa Suffer from our Help?

by OlivierNoel on Février 5, 2014 - 8:39am



Dambisa Moyo is the author the article ‘‘Why foreign aid is hurting Africa‘‘.  She visited Africa, more specifically in Kibera. The point of her visit was to found how aid really helped African people. In fact Aid doesn’t help the countries to develop. Money that comes from the rich countries created a cycle of corruption and it slowed economic growth and poverty.  The money that goes to poor countries is in fact helping the government to be richer. Many presidents in Africa are accused and charge for theft of state funds. The corruption in Africa is estimated to be $15 billion a year. Also, the aid is making the economic growth slower because all their economy is based on aid. Therefore, no one is really working and 50% of the population is living on less than a dollar a day.  The aid doesn’t help the African to start a business. Per example, a mosquito-net maker in Africa is trying to sell is product and the Western Government thinks that mosquito net are a great idea. They send 100,000 nets in Africa and this puts the manufacture out of business. Moyo suggest that the aid should be given to manufacture and give food directly to local citizens in need. Ethical egoism is against everything that put the collective before the individual. This is why Moyo and Ayn Rand thinks the aid in Africa is not good because its taking the advantage of others and its leading to moral destruction of the self. Ethical egoism is providing you to work hard and overcome the standards of the rest of the society to pursuit excellence.

In this article, the only advantage that is shown to donate money in Africa is when they are directly donated to corporate. When we say that a human life has fundamental moral worth, making them poorer than they actually are is not how they should be treating. I think that everybody needs a chance to be healthy and having money to live. In those conditions, the Africans are starving and they are not considering as human beings by the government. Giving aid in Africa may look like a good idea but with all those problems, I think we should directly donate our money to the people and not to the government.  In this issue, should we donate more specific object rather than money?

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