Spoiled Teenager Avoids 20 Years in Prison in a DUI Accident

by psdofjfj on Février 4, 2014 - 10:49am

On June 15, 2013, a 16-year-old boy named Ethan Couch was caught with DUI in Texas. As a result, he ended up killing 4 people and severely injured 2 others in Forth Worth, Texas. Luckily for the boy, the judge was convinced by Ethan’s lawyers that the wealthy teenager was suffering from “affluenza,” a term which means that his parents gave him zero consequences to any of his actions whether good or bad. The term has been claimed by the psychologist Dick Miller. The Texas Judge understood that the boy was way too rich and privileged and was nowhere near to be aware of the consequences that he might be facing in the future. As a result of the DUI accident, the boy’s action almost lead him to a whopping 20 years in prison, (un)fortunately, after pleading guilty the victims, his punishment got reduced to just 10 years of probation and followed by facing some intensive therapy. Speaking of which, Ethan’s irresponsible behavior led him to steal beer from a Walmart with his buddies. The trial also revealed that Ethan had three times the blood alcohol level which is way higher than the legal limit.
Miller came under the conclusion that the privilege and freedom to do whatever the boy pleases, came to the reasoning that his behavior was never regulated due to being a spoiled brat. An example of this would be that the cops saw the boy passed out with a naked 14-year-old girl in the back of his car when Ethan was only 15. He got away with that one without receiving any penalty whosoever. According to Miller, Ethan was able to drive at the age of 13. Miller was “emotionally flat.”
As a background story of where all of this rich and spoiled teen comes from, Couch met a teen in a Texas mansion that his father bought for him, and the teen that Ethan met was bragging about how he could do whatever as he pleased. Later on, Ethan was influenced and started having vodka, took about 6 to 7 shots.
In Ethan’s defense, his lawyers argued that at least two years of intensive therapy would be enough. This story gets even funnier, Ethan’s dad is stuck paying $450,000 a year for the treatment. As long as Ethan does not violate the terms of the probation, he will not be serving for jail time. Another fact is that the disease named “affluenza” is not real. Psychologist Christopher J. Ferguson called it “junk science” and mentioned that ironically, in arguing that Ethan had bad parenting because he never gets any punishment, his defense bailed Ethan out of the 20 years in prison by lying about the disease.
Unfortunately for Eric Boyles, who lost his wife and daughter in the DUI accident that Ethan caused, justice has not been served due to getting almost no consequences for this horrific event.
In my opinion, I find this type of behavior unacceptable and taking away lives of other people to be wild and free is definitely not a good reason or morale to possess. Unfortunately for Boyles’ family, they are stuck paying for the funeral and witnessing a wife and daughter wiped out of this world, meanwhile the spoiled little brat Ethan is out there rolling around with money and do whatever he wants. These type of people should be deported from society since Ethan will most likely never grow up and learn from his mistakes. It is for his and society’s own good.