Quebec's Limits

by JL on Février 3, 2014 - 1:32pm

   The article, Quebec plans to take in fewer immigrants, by The Canadian Press, published on Thursday, October 31th, 2013, explains that the Quebec government will lower the amount of immigrants in order to better integrate the newcomers. In 2012, around 55,000 immigrants, which was too many according to Premier Pauline Marois. In order to reduce that amount, the limit set for 2014 is between 49,000 and 52,500. These numbers will keep reducing years by years. The purpose is to properly teach immigrants French and English in order to ease their task of finding a job and integrating in the society. Quebec has decided to add $13.5 million to the sum they’re already using to teach immigrants French, per year, for three years.

   We should indeed prioritize lives of citizens already in Quebec. We should ease the lives of people already living here before accepting a ton more of immigrants. This decision has positive and negative effects for sure. However, our economy level is a little too low right now. The percentage of people without a job is a bit too high. We should make sure we employ those that are already living here before accepting more people in Quebec.

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