Pardon me, may I ask where is my privacy?

by charlesvbm on Février 2, 2014 - 10:02pm


Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps


Its funny how today’s technology can be so helpful. It can help us whenever our car breaks down and we need to call a towing company, or we want to stay in contact with our friends and we use this so called texting which allows you to send messages to them without speaking to them and gets in contact with them faster. People can use their cellphones to get on Facebook, look around there a bit see what’s new and then they can go on Twitter. This here is a great way to communicate with people, but did you know that every time you access those apps, you are being spied on! Yes indeed, the American Government and British Government are spying on everyday civilians to end terrorism or avoid as much terrorism as they can. But as they do this, the Government doesn’t realize that they are not respecting civil rights. In the New York Times article, that appeared on January 27th, 2014, the authors talk about how the American and British Government alongside with the NSA are not respecting civil rights, they will use apps such as Google Maps to allow the people to find themselves and where to go but it also allows them (the government) to get the exact physical location of where you are! Scary! The Government say that they do this to avoid terrorism, what are they saying exactly by that? That everyone is a terrorist? As a normal day civilian, to even think that everything I do on an everyday basis could be tracked down. What needs to be changed here is the Government has to stop spying on civilians. Not all civilians are plotting on taking over the world, people that use these apps are normal everyday people who are at Starbucks having a coffee and are bored and they need company. No one can plot world domination through looking at photos on instagram. Initially, what is done here is breaking the right for private life. People are allowed to have their privacy and that right should not be broken. Because not everyone is gonna do harm. We should be able to go on apps and not be spied on. People should be allowed to access their bank accounts and what not without being spied on. Everyone is allowed to have privacy and if the Government spies on the innocent civilians, civil rights are being not respected.

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