Fire in a residence at l'Isle-Verte!

by Sarah B. on Janvier 26, 2014 - 5:57pm

"I didn't move my parents into this place for them to burn", announce the daughter of L'Isle-Verte seniors' residence.

5 person were confirmed dead, 30 are actually missing and 20 were rescued during the fire of a residence at l'Isle-Verte according to CBC news on January 23 around 11h p.m. This tragic event happened on January 23 near 12:30 a.m. The fact that the majority of the residents were using wheelchairs and walkers made the evacuation very difficult. The fire was increasing very fast so it was really difficult for the firemen to control it. Also, the temperature was so cold that the water uses to extinguished the fire has freeze all over the area and it makes the research for survivors even more difficult. Even then, the fire was still active under the ice at some places. The reason why the fire starts has not yet been determined but some factor could have helped the fire to increased. For example, some parts of the building were old and may not have certain elements such as sprinkler systems to prevent the fire to extend. All these informations will be confirmed with further investigation.

We have to ensure that all the systems installed to protect lives are in good condition and will really work when we will need them to work. These installations are there to protect us in cases of emergency but what is the point to have them if they don't work when needed. We should make regularly inspections to test if the systems are operative.

Original article from CBC News:
L'Isle-Verte seniors' residence fire claims at least 5 confirmed dead, at least 20 people saved — but 30 remain missing"
Posted on January 23, 2014

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