In the Eye Of the Storm

by Kiss on Janvier 23, 2014 - 6:11pm

It's been a week now that the peaceful protests in Kiev, Ukraine have turned bloody red in response to the new "anti-protest" laws initiated by president Viktor Yanukovych. A light of hope, to end the bloodshed, has been proposed on wednesday by the leaders of the oposition as they threw an ultimatum to Yanukovych.
He would have 24 hours to resign from presidency, during which protests would stop, and to call in early election. Of course it would also require for him to abolish the law that initiated the violence. The opposition would consider it an act of good will if the president consceded to release the 56 prisoners suspected of the new "anti-protest" law. 
International opposition is unclear on its position as the UN has no intent, at the present to apply any consequences on Ukraine. The deadline approaches and nothing is heard from the president, as such protesters resolve themselves to a continuation of the conflicts. 
Cosidering the presidents position it would, from a western point of view, be better for him to conscede to the opposition as civil unrest on this scale is damaging to the economy and would inadvertadly lead to his downfall. Yet as a eastern european myself I can't help but feel that only a third power which would apply force to one side or the other will be able to resolve this conflict. What starts as a peacefull protest should end as one too. Closer to home, in a similar situation, the student protests started out as peacefull marches but the governement tried to silence them. Peacefull talks always yield more than violence as log as the two sides are ready to hear each other out. 
Original article: KARMANAU, Yuras and MILLS, Laura. "Clock ticking as Ukrainian president faces ultimatum to call new elections".Published Thursday, Jan. 23 2014, 8:52 AM EST. The Globe and Mail.