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Reply to: Gang Rape in India
6 années 8 mois ago

I think this is a very important subject to raise awareness about. Although safety can be an issue in every part of the world India proves to have a much more profound problem at hand. Women should in no circumstances have to feel scared to ride a public bus. For me these occurrences seem so unbelievable and outrageous to be happening in our current age. The complete violation of not only laws but of freedom is incomprehensible. I definitely believe, like what has been stated, that the enforcement of laws will only occur with pressure. This pressure needs to come from not only India but the world. Protests from men and women are necessary to turn this issue in India into a world issue that must be changed.

6 années 9 mois ago

I agree with you. I believe that Venezuela has a great economic opportunity on their hands. If they could discover a way to extract the oil in the soil, they would be able to vastly improve their economy. Until they do however, I believe that they will unfortunately continue to struggle.

6 années 9 mois ago

On the question of whether companies should play as dirty as the hackers who hack them, I agree with you. Hackers, botters, etc do not follow the rules that have been placed around the company (primarily gaming companies). This exploits the games which honest people play and succeed at, and all the prevention into hacking these games would greatly increase the players devotion to the company. On more of a corporate level, hacking is used to get client information the majority of the time. But with the development of DDOS attack blockers, hackers will always find newer and newer ways of obtaining their goal in hacking companies.

6 années 9 mois ago

I entirely agree with what you have to say. This is the 21st century and homophobia should be about as accepted as segregated bathrooms…but it’s not. In fact, it’s not only homophobic people who are striking out at Macklemore either. I recently read an article in which a queer woman was trashing the rapper for promoting assimilation rather than acceptance. That bothered me almost (note the almost) as much as homophobic comments. Macklemore has good intentions. That woman was raging over someone who was promoting the same anti-homophobic message she was. Maybe she wasn’t 100% in agreement with his methods but at least he is getting attention. One step at a time woman!

Reply to: Monsanto the Great
6 années 9 mois ago

While I would agree that Monsanto's bad reputation for dominating the global food market can account for some of our general aversion and dislike for GMO products, I think that it also has to do with the unknown long-term health risks of consuming such genetically modified goods. A study performed on rats showed that those who were fed genetically modified corn were more likely to develop tumours and die prematurely. <>

Can you imagine the long-term health risks that consuming these products would have on humans, if rats developed tumours over such a short period of time? GMO products certainly pose a threat to our global health and economic standing.

6 années 9 mois ago

The title was well chosen, it immediately caught my attention. The topic is relevant because the environment is a growing issue. Informative and interesting.

6 années 9 mois ago

Very informative, interesting and gave me a bit more insight into DDOS attacks and how to prevent them. However, by mimicking the actions of these hackers and protecting from attacks in the same manner, doesn't that enable the company, or at least maybe people within the company, to perform their own attacks independent of the company but still using the servers? Also, wouldn't companies be able to target opposition in this way and still remain hidden? This is just speculation by me with limited knowledge of DDOS attacks and so forth, so it's merely an idea.

6 années 9 mois ago

I completely agree with what you wrote in this article. Like you said many teenagers own a smart phone or laptop but that is only because the parent bought them that device. I have even seen a 4th grader with a more advanced phone than my own. I know that the kid did not pay for a 500$ phone on his own and is also not paying for the monthly usage fee of 50$. His parents bought that device for him assuming that there would be no problem. If parents truly want to restrict the exchange of information over the internet than they will teach their children about internet safety before they give the device to their children.

6 années 9 mois ago

I enjoyed reading your blog post and I find that you present the situation without any bias very well. I also believe it is hard to choose a definite side on the topic of reviving extinct species. On a certain level I do agree with you and favour the rival of extinct spices because it would be really interesting and would mark advancement in the scientific world. We favour such experimentation to happen because we feel as though it would be cool to see. However, when thinking about the animal itself, perhaps bringing them back is not the best idea. As you mentioned scientist such as Sir Ian Wilmust are against the revival of extinct species because the animal would be lonely. I feel we are obliged to think of the animal first before our personal interests and desires. Therefore, even though I believe it would be interesting to revive them, it is better that we do not.

6 années 9 mois ago

I find that lately video games have been used as a form of scapegoat for sensationalism following tragedies or criminal activities (be they school shootings, murders, assaults or increases other forms of crime) as well as detrimental social adjustment. What struck me as odd regarding this particular article is that they do not really go into what sort of games were tested on the subjects as well as the social backgrounds of the tested subjects. Such biases are unintentional but still exist, as does the nature of the survey, which may lead to a bias of non-volunteering. To counter act my previous point however, is that games have ratings up to an 18+ rating on at least two different scales (PEGI and ESRB), and I know that the ESRB mentions what is contained in each game for gamers under the rating age, so it is up to the parent to mediate based on those ratings what kind of games theirs child would be playing.

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