The danger of Internet

by fangjun9608 on Novembre 20, 2013 - 10:00am

Social Network should be forbidden because it invades our privacy and it has bad consequences on our daily lives.


First of all,Applications on social networking sites contains Trojan which is a virus that can steal information and harm the computer.According to statistics, more than 35% of the internet users visits Facebook and more than 70% of Facebook users utlize applications on the social network where hackers distribute and develop their virus.Furthermore, social media endangers our life and our privacy.Cyber bullying has become the new way of bullying with the new techonology.It pushes and can drive people to sucide.It happened to one Canadian young girl,Amanda Todd who committed sucide because of all the information cyber builles had on her and they used it to ruin her reputation in her high school.At last, social media has been taking a lot of space in our daily life.Millions of young people spen more and more time on these webistes.Instead of going out with friends, they would rather spend talking with online friends on social networking websites. Over 45 millions user under the age use these sites to build personal pages.The statistics indicates  that social websites has attracted a lot of young people that are not  supposed to be using it.It is harmful for them because they are exposed to hackers and cyber bullies where they can steal your personal information.



This research taught me the danger of the social websites and I think that everyone should be careful of what they post on the internet because it might affect you afterwards and eventuall destroy your life.



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