Challenging Many Social Norms

by rcase3 on Novembre 19, 2013 - 12:00am


Renee Casey


Challenging Many Social Norms


            The film, My Beautiful Launderette written by Hanif Kureishi, addresses many social issues. It takes place in 1985 in Britain. Omar is a young Pakistani boy who starts to work for is uncle. He becomes very driven and focused of becoming wealthy. His uncle puts Omar in charge of fixing up an old Laundromat of his. Omar gets help from his old friend and lover named Jonny. Jonny is a white boy who used to be good friends with Omar and his father but he left them to go join a racist group. Jonny and Omar reunited and they transformed the Laundromat. This film shows great examples of homosexuality and racism.

         Omar is a very interesting character in the film. He starts off as an innocent boy, taking care of his father, and helping around the house. However he eventually becomes obsessed with money and success that his character becomes more hostile. Normal roles were switched and the Pakistani was the boss of the white boy. Jonny’s friends kept giving him a hard time for doing all the manual labor at the Laundromat. Jonny not only worked for Omar, he also had a sexual romance with him. The controversial issue of their romance was never necessarily addressed because their relationship was never really exposed. I would predict that if their romance was exposed, both of them would experience serious consequences. Omar could potentially be shunned and cut off by his family and both of them would most likely be physically abused.

         Today, homosexually is not necessarily seen as “not normal.” Laws are being passed to allow gay marriage to be legalized. In the film, My Beautiful Launderette Omar was supposed to be married to his cousin.  


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