Physical Activity Helps Stress

by bszab1 on Novembre 5, 2013 - 2:53pm

When students make a transfer in their lives from adolescence to adulthood, it tends to be a very stressful part of their lives. They start to learn about themselves, are given more freedom than they know what to do with, and are also given a lot more responsibilities with that freedom. These can all be stressful events. Studies show that when students come to college they become less active than they used to be. The most active students tend to me males and athletes. Being physically active is something that lowers your stress levels, and because not a lot of students are physically active, a lot of college students are more stressed out.  Physical activity can also help a student’s metal heath status; such as their mood, self-esteem, and anxiety levels, and stress levels (Vankim 2013). Multiple studies were performed on this theory by Nguyen-Michel and his colleagues at multiple settings such as private universities, state universities, and community colleges (Vankim 2013).

The most important information in this article is that physical activity is something that will benefit a college student in more than one way. There were 750 randomly selected students that were sent out an email to participate in the study (Vankim 2013). In the email there questionnaire questions that were asked to students. The majority of respondents were females between the age of 18 and 20 years old. In The results of Nguyen-Michel’s studies showed that students that were vigorously physically active in high school were more likely to be active in college. The amount of socializing between students was high for both male and female students.  Also people who reported to have high physical activity, were less likely to report poor mental health. Studies showed that Asian students, female students, and students with class II obesity and significantly higher odds of poor mental health and higher stress levels than male students, white students, and normal-weight students (Vankim 2013). All of these studies have shown that there is so many positive effects that come out of being physically active at least four times a day. It’s amazing that more college students aren’t taking the time to exercise at least 20 minutes a day to receive all of these benefits.



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