Reasons why Women Have Abortions

by shannonnye1 on Novembre 5, 2013 - 12:41pm

Antonia Biggs & colleagues (2013) constructed and analyzed the results of a study determining reasons why women have abortions. During this study they interviewed  954 women from all over the United States. These women were placed in an exam room for 40 minutes and asked one question, for what reason did they decide to have an abortion? Many women found it hard to identify one solid reason for making the choice that they did. They often provided multiple reasons. When analyzing the data gathered they found there was a wide range of answers given. 40% of the women interviewed stated that they had chose to have an abortion due to financial reasons, where 36% of the women said that it was simply not the right time to have a child. 31% of the respondents claimed they had aborted their child because of partner related reasons. Many of the women felt that a child would interfere with their future opportunities or with their interaction with their other children. Others stated they were not emotionally or mentally prepared and they wanted a better life for the child than they could provide. This article informed to the public that women choose to abort their child due to their own circumstances. These circumstances can range from age, health, marital status, financial status, or living environment.

Abortion has been a worldwide debate and social problem existing for many years. I feel that abortion is morally inacceptable. I feel that the one and only time a woman should be able to abort a child is if the woman was raped or if delivering the child would cause harm to the woman. The authors of this article state they conducted this study for better understanding of women’s decisions to abort a child. They feel that understanding the reasons in which the women aborted the child will allow us to better support these women and provide them with the resources they may need. I strongly disagree. I feel this article did provide answers for why women made the decision they did, however I feel the article left many unanswered questions. Understanding why these women aborted their child does not allow me to better support them, it only allows me to question them more. In my opinion all of the answers provided by the women were inacceptable. If you make the mistake of conceiving a child when you are not ready then you should have to take responsibility for your actions. There is always a better option than abortion, that is adoption. There are so many families in the world that are unable to conceive a child and would be willing to give your child an excellent home. Many women interviewed in this article stated they were not financially ready for a child however there are other families in the world that are. I fully understand why these women felt it would not be in the best interest of the child for them to parent them, however they could have given the child up for adoption. I find it discouraging to analyze the responses given by these women. I find it extremely selfish that because of their own circumstances they decided to not give the child the life they should have been given.



Biggs, M., Gould, H., & Foster, D. (2013). Understanding why women seek abortions in the US. BMC Women's Health, 13(1), 1-13. doi:10.1186/1472-6874-13-29

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