Is India different from other countries?

by sab_hachem on Novembre 3, 2013 - 1:17pm


Malnutrition is a social issue that can affect every country but mostly those who its population live trough horrible conditions as a lack of food production and weak health care institutions. According to Unicef, “1 in 3 of the world’s malnourished children live in India”. It is the main explication to childhood deaths. Malnutrition doesn’t not only prevent the child to be extremely thin of too small of their age but it affected memory, social and emotional development. The lack of food is not only the cause of the all this tragedy. Indian girls had always been more underweight than boys. The bad medical conditions don’t help and they grow up being unhealthy and give birth to child with diseases. Which cause the wealth of the country to decrease. Children suffering from horrible health problems are not able to function properly at school. They grow up and repeat the same pattern as they parents lived trough.


It is extremely sad to read throughout this article and to realize how bad people across the country are living. Each human in this world have the right to eat, to drink water and to be safe from any harm. These are the essentials needs in life and to prevent millions and millions of persons from it is cruel. Still with all the efforts from the Government, the country is not enough strong to stand on its feet by itself. It needs help from more powerful states. The world is a common place where all of us live. Having that in common, shouldn’t it be enough to try to help those who needed it? 

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