When is too Much?

by Ckay1 on Octobre 23, 2013 - 11:50pm


College drinking has become more of an issue over the past few years. It has increased in this day and age due to changing social norms or expectations. Alcohol is becoming more and more accessible to those underage for many reasons; fake ID’s and “hook ups”. This is becoming a problem today in the colligate world.  In a recent study done in 2010 at a Belgian University, 7,015 students participated in a web questionnaire. The researchers looked at drinking behavior and environmental factors, norms and consequences. It was found that on average students had 1.7 drinks a day and 2.8 episodes of abusive drinking a month. It was also discovered that heavier drinking occurs if students live in the dorms on their campus. A big thing on college campuses that contributes to the drinking issues is what student’s call “pre-gaming”. This can sometimes turn into more than what the students expect and end up becoming completely wasted before they even go out. This can have a lot of bad effects on the students standing in the college’s eyes.


            The main point that the authors were trying to get at is how to curb the excessive drinking on college campuses. They studied a college in Belgium so may or may not be true to college students all around the world, but still be generalized somewhat to a larger population. The authors want college authorities to acknowledge their responsibility of their students drinking behaviors and stick to a responsible, controlled drinking environment.


Lorant, V. (2013) Alcohol drinking among college students: college responsibility for personal troubles. BMC Public Health (1-9)