Marijuana: Whats the big deal?

by jolivera on Septembre 10, 2012 - 11:13am

Marijuana: What’s the big deal?

            The legalization of marijuana has been heavily debated for sometime now. As of now marijuana is categorized as a schedule 1 drug. Some other drugs categorized in the same group are bath salt, ecstasy, and heroine. Marijuana should not be in the same group as bath salt because marijuana has never made anyone eat someone’s face off. Bath salt basically makes users act like zombies. Marijuana generally makes users relaxed and hungry. A schedule 1 drug is defined as a drug that serves no medical purposes and highly addictive.  Schedule 2 drugs are defined as highly addictive but are recognized by the US to have medical purposes. Morphine and Oxycodone are examples of drugs from the schedule 2 group. However, many states have passed laws enabling marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Medical marijuana has been used to treat HIV/AIDS, insomnia, anxiety disorder, ADD, and glaucoma. Medical marijuana is used by cancer patients to ease pain, fatigue, and to prevent unintentional weight loss. Marijuana should be categorized under schedule 2 drugs and legalized. The war on drugs is a win-less war, as well as a point less war. Millions of dollars are pointlessly used to fund the war. The DEA is shutting down many dispensaries in the California, even after proposition 19 passed. A direct effect of closing many dispensaries has caused many patients to suffer without their medication.  Not a single person has died from the direct use of marijuana, many have died form other drugs such as Cocaine or heroine. 


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