by christiano_s17 on Octobre 2, 2013 - 11:35am

With the new release of the update for iPhone, everyone has been talking about it. It’s nearly a new phone. One of the main reasons that they are still at the top is because they surprise their clients with new and better ideas. Although it looks similar to the android model of personalization, it still meets the high remarks of most people.  Seven new attachments have been added to the following update. It has a cleaner look, everything is better resolution and has a slick look. There is a completely new add to the phone, it’s a pull up control center which includes all the small things you need that are commonly used. Such as WI-FI, calculator, flashlight, Bluetooth camera and more. It comes with an icloud key chain to keep your personal storage of passwords and more. Another smart idea was to improve the find my phone application. Once you have the app on, it’s nearly impossible to steal your phone, I is located, and has a password if anything has to be erased, and apple ID password. Siri can be customized to become a male or female. A new filter is added to the phone camera to filter the picture to make it look like it was customized. It is similar to instagram filters. And last but not least the last app is a app to find the most downloaded apps near that persons area. It is mainly for people who travel and would like to know more about the culture and or the area. For more detailed information visit

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