Outlooks on Organ Donation

by dmill8 on Septembre 19, 2013 - 9:40pm

            In a recent article Mercer (2012) focuses on the controversies associated with organ and tissue donations. There are many issues associated with donation like legal, ethical and sometimes even religious.  There is much support from the public about the issue, as well as rising donation rates, but it still does not compensate for the high demand of organs and tissues. There continues to be a large gap between the amount of organs donated and the amount of people on waiting lists. In many places around the world there is a change in legislation regarding the donation process, although still stressing the idea of consent.

            Organ donation is overall a great concept and a useful resource for survival for many people. The idea of it being an ethical issue does not make any sense to me. Why not donate your organs to someone who is in need of something, who else is going to use it when you die? I understand the worry about donations done while alive, because of complications in surgery, but why not help someone in need, if you can. If it were your loved one in need, I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate to help them in any way, so why not do the same for a stranger? Organ and tissue donations can be someone’s only way of survival.




Mercer, L. (2012, November). Increasing the rates of organ donation for transplantation. Art and Science, 35-40.


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