Suspect and Social Networks

by roxannedesrosiers on Septembre 18, 2013 - 9:36pm

Personnaly, I think this article is really interesting because nowadays almost everyone as a profil on a network or another. Social networks are now part of your life, most of us check them more than once a day! They have now many purpose, but the main purpose is to stay connected with your own little community. Facebook is a good example! On facebook you can share funny thing that happened in your day, you can put a picture of you and your family, you can read about people that are close to you you can find old friends that you have lost with the years and so on. But now it is increasingly common to see people sharing picture about a girl who has disappeared or a man who has beated a child and the thing is it is hard to say if the picture and the story are true or not. Indeed with Photoshop it is now really easy to change a picture and also anyone can be posting a picture telling that the person on his a criminal. So we can't be a 100% sure about what we see on social networks. 

Should the police be allowed to use Social Network to publish and collect information to help finding suspect on a criminal case?

I don't think they should be allowed to because the information that they post on Social Networks can be modified by anyone. The situation can quickly changed and turn against them. Also, you have to protect the victims or the families of the victims. Firstly, you are giving information about someone who was victim of a crime, maybe the persone don't want to be known or don't want to see the picture of his aggressor everywhere on the Networks. Secondly, if the aggressor see his picture on the networks, he wil maybe try to disappear or to take his revenge on the victim for having denounced him. And that is only if it the good picture of the aggressor circulating on Social Networks. So no I don't think Police should be allowed to publish and collect information on Social Networks about criminal cases.

I know some people will say that circulating information about suspect can be a really good thing because it will help us to find them, but how much is it helping us? I mean Social Networks are now mondialy connected. Over 6 millions of people have a Facebook profil and facebook is produced in 78 languages. so how do you want to find over 6 milions of people someone you don't know and you are not sure about is real identity. Also, everyone can be anyone. I could create a profil that says I'm and inerstigator who is looking for a suspect and published a pictures of my brother because he is frustrating me today. Therefore, I really think that police shouldn't be allowed to us Networks to collect information about suspect.

Can someone prouve me that the information we see circulating on Social Networks about suspect on a crime are 100% true?