Apple Is Taking Advantage Of Us

by maxime.rousseau on Septembre 18, 2013 - 7:21pm


Soon, iPhone 5c and 5s will be released. This will create a real change in the world of cellphones and technology. It will also affect the protection case industry that will be able to make billions of dollars by protecting phones. Apple took that opportunity and decided to make their own official cases.


The giant of electronic Apple decided to sell these cases for 29$ for the silicon ones and 39$ for the leather ones. The approximate costs of production of these products are around 2-3 $. They will make billions just by selling an official product just by the fact that people want a branded product. This will affect the case industry and add another sharer in the market.  The article I read about has some pretty good arguments about why the company takes advantage on us and he had some reliable sources (link at the end of the text)


It makes no sense: how could a product worth 2$ can be bought 40$ just by the fact that there is a logo of an apple. The company is clearly taking advantage of their brand mark. This is working for the moment but I don’t know what will happen to Apple products if prices stay at a high level and the demand drops. I think the moment they won’t improve as much as they do their company will fall. It will do the exact same thing as Research in Motion (blackberry). This link is explaining the strategy of Apple of getting in the case market:

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