by Ckay1 on Septembre 18, 2013 - 2:53pm

“If your objective in dating is hooking up, and you see marriage as some separate process, then it is not dating that is a mess.” (Puterbaugh, 1) This is basically how today’s society is. The meaning behind dating, and loving someone has completely changed. Dating used to be for long-term purposes, and for potential marriage. Now it is just for meaningless sex and as the article puts it “individuals who are ‘hooking up’ and using one another as recreational devices rather than as people.” (Puterbaugh 1) This is the sad reality for majority of young individuals in today’s modern society.
By no means am I saying that people date with the idea in mind of potential marriage, but at the same time the quality of relationships, hooking or dating, has gone down hill. People say they are in a relationship with someone because they love them, or want someone to have fun with; almost like having a best friend. But that is not what the point of exclusive dating relationships is for. But that is what society makes it out to be.
We have this notion that if you are not having sex with your partner by at least the first few months, that you do not love each other. That is WRONG! Society makes everyone think that in order to love someone you have to being having sex 24/7 or it’s not an official relationship. The media really enjoys playing up “dating” and relationships to something that they really aren’t.
It is sad that dating has come to this point in today’s society. Hopefully one day people will realize what is happening and change their ways, but for now we have to suffer through a time of confusion in most people’s mind.

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Puterbaugh, D. 2010, November. Dating Has Become Outdated. USA Today, 57.

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