Human Rights Somehow Leaving Out A Portion Of Humans

by chelsea-martin on Septembre 11, 2013 - 12:45pm

In an article posted on September 5, 2013, in The Globe and Mail, by Reuters, states that a member of the Russian President ruling party brought up the idea of a new law to take away the custody rights concerning children who have gay parents. This law is said to include homosexuality to a list of conditions that end in the parents losing their children, such as drugs and child abuse. On the draft submitted to the Russian parliament, by Alexei Zhuravlyov, stated that a parent having sexual contact with a member of the same sex would cause psychological damage to the child. It also stated that the number of people with a “non-traditional” sexual orientation in between 5% and 7% and it is said that a third of those people have children. It was unclear as to whether this pitch had a good chance of becoming a law; however it trails other legislations that have been signed by the president which are said to be discriminatory, by rights activists and Western government, towards homosexuals. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991, homosexuality was no longer considered a crime, however many Russians still believe that it can be cured with medical treatment or that it should be a crime. The president explained that Russia did appreciate the gay population because they were fans of a homosexual composer; however, gay activists claim that they are being blamed for low birth rates and HIV/AIDS epidemics. Other laws have been made, one preventing them from adopting children and others which ban them from promoting sexual relations that were non-traditional around children. These laws have caused uproar in the West, and there are calls for a boycott for the 2014 Olympics, being held in Russia. The purpose of this article was to demonstrate the social issue of discrimination towards the homosexual community in Russia. This is an extreme problem because society is supposed to be equal and accept everyone, there shouldn’t be discrimination towards people based on personal beliefs, however, in this situation, the homosexuality community in Russia is being discriminated against, which isn’t how society should be.

            I feel that this an extreme problem for not only the people of Russia but people everywhere. It shows that discrimination still exists and that people who are in government have the power to make certain people feel unwelcome, because of the government’s beliefs. I feel the president isn’t doing what is best for society and is only thinking about a very small portion of Russia’s citizens, he should examine the point of view of the rest of his citizens and also do what is best for the majority in society. The boycott may not be the best idea; however it can really open the government’s eyes. The Olympics are something that countries take great pride in running, but if people decide to boycott it, Russia will not be very proud of the outcome. Will the boycott include every country participating in the Olympics? I feel that it will be very difficult to get every other country involved, however maybe only some not partaking will cause the attitude in Russia to change, because it wouldn’t really be considered the Olympics if not every country partaking was there. I think it is truly remarkable that so many countries are making an effort to stop this discrimination.

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