Apple Going Too Far

by filip_bec on Septembre 4, 2013 - 11:16pm

Each year, millions of people are impatiently waiting for the new Iphone by Apple. And each year, you have the same box you had last year, except some minor changes like a better camera and a better screen resolution. And for how much? Not 200$, not 300$, but 600$! It is up to you to decide if you buy it or not, but I think apple is going too far this year.


For those who didn’t hear about this already, Apple will release 2 Iphones this year. The first one is the 5s, which is the same as a 5 but with some “changes”, and the second one is the 5c, which is a cheaper model of the 5s. This one will have a plastic back rather than a metal one, and will be available in six different colors.


You may think that Apple is nice to have a phone for the ones who can’t afford the “Real” version, but I see this just as a reason to make more money. And that’s the problem with Apple. They put more effort in making money than making their buyers happy. And because they have the name, they can sell anything. They could release the most useless piece of metal, and people would still buy it. Usually, Apple releases one Iphone in 6 months, but this year, they suddenly decided to make two of those. Like always, it comes down to money. I found it sad how here, people are fighting to get the brand new phone on the market, like it was a decision of life or death, and in poor countries, people REALLY choose between life and death. They don’t think about how long they will wait in the line to get the Iphone, they think of what they will do to still alive the next day. I am not telling you to throw away all you have; I am just trying to make you realize that we fight about such meaningless things, that we forget about the real meaning of life.


Here is the link to the article about the new Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c: