Can Toyota be trusted?

by m-a.soucisse on Septembre 4, 2013 - 5:00pm

In the past five years, Toyota as had many customer recalls for mechanical issues on some of their big name vehicles like the Yaris, the Tacoma and etc. It appears their troubles have not passed; another recall has been mailed out to some more japanes car owners.

It is now the Prius, Toyota's coveted hybrid model that as been recalled for an engine bolt defect.  If the problem is not fixed, an alarm might go off and prevent the car from starting.  Toyota also made recalls for alot of Lexus models which have a simular issues.  Now over millions of cars have been recalled for seat belt issues, brake malfunction, engine failure and other dangerous and important safety issues.  So should we continue to purchase Toyota vehicles if they have proven again and again to fail in some way?

Well the fact is that Toyota has proven to be reluctant in this situation.  The solution is simple: improve the assembly line and conduct better quality checks.  But business is business and since the demand for Toyota's have been increasing because of their low gas milage and reduced prices worldwide, the supply keeps growing. If your the owner of Toyota, would you change your ways?  You're making money and your company is succeeding.  In the unstable market we are in, the time and place for change is crucial.  In our economy, it is now survival to the finish and with Toyota's competition growing, can they afford to slow down the assembly process and augment it's cost?  This put's the owner in a nearly impossible situation.  So with no sign of change along the way, maybe it would be wiser for people to side with american cars, or even Honda and other companies while Toyota ends the recall crisis.

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