Are children responsible for their actions?

by Matthew Pellicer on Septembre 4, 2013 - 11:08am

Lee Bonneau, a 6 year old kid, was killed on August 21st. The only suspect is another kid under 12 years of age.

Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the one and only suspect cannot be charged because of his age. On the other hand, anyone over 12 years old would have been immediately arrested charged and had a court date by now. There have been very few cases where children have killed children in the past so it is very uncertain on what should be done. The suspect was under the care of Social Services and went on to the First Nation Reserve with his foster mother who was going to play bingo that night. The suspect was seen walking into the forest with Lee Bonneau and 20 minutes later Lee Bonneau was found assaulted and later on died in the hospital.

This situation raises a very important question. Should children under the age of 12 be charged and prosecuted for their actions? Right now the suspect is under 24-hour supervision to avoid another incident like this one from occurring. Is this enough? Is the kid really responsible for what he did or is he just a kid who doesn’t know better? We always see the innocence in kids but could they not all be as innocent as we think? It has happened in many occasions with firearms that kids have killed other kids on purpose or by accident. There was also a case where two 10-year-olds kidnapped a two-year-old and beat the kid to death and were convicted with murder and spent eight years in youth custody. Is this what should happen with Lee Bonneau’s killer?

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