by andree-anne talbot on Août 28, 2013 - 11:30pm


Nothing can be perfect and we all know that, even nowadays, there are still tones of things to improve. I’m talking in worldwide way. Democratic systems aren’t well established everywhere on the planet, as well as genders equality, gay marriages, religions tolerance and health caring systems. The weird thing is that, apparently, pirates, back in the 16th century were really familiar to those things. Believe it or not!

I read a article about pirates and it seems like they had sort of gay marriages, they were able to respect those practicing an other religion than theirs and women could become a captain. Also, even it seems unreal, they had a health insurance and fair elections. The elections were made democratically, but the only thing is that they all had a different vision of democracy. Well… We can’t say this has really changed over the past years. We still all have different ways to see democracy.

Honestly, I found that article really interesting and I hope it is right information, because it is cool to see that pirates weren’t completely wrong.  Maybe you should take time to read this, just to learn about these “futurist” persons that were the pirates.