Drangon's Den Earth Lab Cosmestics

by pitou22 on Avril 22, 2013 - 1:41pm

Dragon's Den team :
Camille Bleau, Camille Berardelli, Andréane Deschênes, Noémie Parent-Laperle
Business Plan for our company Earth Lab Cosmetics
Business/Concept Summary Introduction :
Earth Lab Cosmetics sells beauty, but more specifically natural beauty. We propose a new approach in the cosmetics industry. There is an important market for ethical cosmetics because women are tired of dealing with clogging pores or irritated skin from wearing their makeup. As well, in our society, people tend to care about animal rights and ecology. We propose cosmetics that are animal friendly, people friendly, and friendly to our environment. Most of our products are 100% vegan, in more than 140 stores in Canada and two distributors, one in Australia and another one in United States. Our lipstick base is made of beeswax and rice like many of our products. We use ingredients like white clay, extracts of dried fruits, such as bananas powder, pineapple, orange and raspberries. Our products are made of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and tucuma butter to get the greasy aspect. 
Current situation :
Our company value (estimation): $ 460 500. As we said, we are already selling in more than 140 stores in Canada. We made $ 80 000 in the first quarter of this year. The first quarter of the year is generally the lowest of the year for Earth Lab Cosmetics
Objectives :
We need $90 000 for working capital. This year we are projecting to make a profit of $400 000. In the next four years we would like to be one of the top companies of natural  cosmetics. Also, one of our goals is to have more volume by getting a lot of distribution and some big retailers. To insure our growth we want to stay animal friendly, people friendly, and friendly to our environment. We want to make packaching in French to go to Quebec and to France.
Legal Structure : 
Our business structure is a partnership. This means we are all partners, we all own 25% of our company.  If there is a financial problem with the company, it will be easier to manage because we are associated. Each one of us can bring something different and beneficial to the company. Also the partnership can foster interesting innovation.  
If you ask yourself why you have to choose our ecologic make-up, that’s simple, we are a company that really cares about animal’s rights and ecology.  We propose cosmetics that are animal friendly, people friendly, and friendly to our environment. Our company is unique and people who want to have good natural products should come and buy their products here.We are a company that wishes to expand internationally as L'Oreal, because we need to start paying attention to the world and it is by consuming natural products that we should start. It’s with some products like ours that the environment will improve because each of our products are made with natural ingredients.
Visual support:
In our presentation to the Dragons, we will involve their senses to show our products. By handing them our cosmetics, they will have the opportunity to make their own opinion. This technique is better than only showing them pictures of our products. The pictures can not prove how good our cosmetics really are. Statistics Canada explains that society is buying more if they can try the product first. Also, another study showed that in 2013, people care about ecology and environment. In addition, if our company sells beyond our goals, we would have a spokesperson to represent our company. It would be a known person who cares about environment and beauty. It would be a great way for the company to be known.

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