Volunteering with S.Au.S to Raise Autism Awareness

by chelsea-martin on Avril 6, 2013 - 2:16pm

For my final project in this class I will be volunteering for the S.Au.S Foundation. They hold an Autism Awareness Run every year in my town and it helps raise awareness towards the disease and raises money for medical research. I am volunteering for the foundation because there are so many organizations for cancer and mental health that I feel an organization for this disease can be very beneficial. My cousin was diagnosed with Autism when he was 7 years old, and since then I have had an increase interest in the disease because I didn’t know anything about the disease. I feel rising awareness can be greatly beneficial to many people.

The news article below talks about Autism and the implications it holds, it also discusses a growth in the numbers of diagnosis. With the raise in the numbers, awareness is necessary in my opinion, which is why I will be volunteering for this organization.

According to an article posted on CTV News, in New York on March 20th2013, Autism numbers have grown according to another estimate for the disorder.

The article states that parents responded to a government survey, concluding that 1 in children in the United States have autism. It is said that these numbers do not mean that autism is becoming more frequent, but doctors are diagnosing children with milder problems as autistic more frequently. The earlier numbers states that 1 in 88 children were autistic; the study held for that number held looked at school record as well as medical record instead of asking the parents. The definition for autism had been children with severe intellectual, language, and social impairments’ as well as unusual repetitive behavior, but this definition has now changed to include milder conditions. The new numbers would mean that there are at least one million children with autism. The new numbers came from a national phone survey held in 2011 and 2012, only a quarter of the parents asked agreed to answer the questions. The CDC feels that this provides a valid idea of how many people are affected with autism. New school and medical records are expected to be studied next year. There are no medical tests that can be done to diagnose, it is done by observing the child’s behavior. Normally children are diagnosed around the age of 8 but now people are being diagnosed at an older age.

I feel that more awareness needs to be made about these diseases, if one million people are affected why is it that the general public doesn’t know very much about this condition? I think that these new numbers will allow people to become more aware and hopefully lose the stigma for autism and also make people realize more needs to be done for this condition.

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