new shoes

by MJane on Mars 17, 2013 - 1:07pm

I would create new shoes for all the women who like products environmentally friendly. Most people around me buy their shoes in the 3 or 4 same company. Most shoes create by the companies are made in Asie. I would than my products are made in Canada with recycling products. I want to sell my shoes for a good price, that way the price of the product could be affordable for the most of the women. I would make a confortable and fashion shoes. I need the help of dragon to make a good publicity and to make this product popular.

In the first write, before I correct my grammar in the virtual writing tutor site, I have write: the most of the people. The site propose to write: most people, that is better expressed in english. I make the same error with: the most of the shoes.

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