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by karellesjean on Mars 16, 2013 - 9:25pm

Proposal for Dragons

My idea is to make fashion swimwear beach. I take my fabric around Montreal. My first goal is to offer quality products made entirely in Quebec and is suitable for a maximum of silhouettes. It is by choosing from a wide range of styles, colors, embroidery and finishing accessories that help the client to create a piece exclusive and faithful to his image. I recycle my fabric; it would be more environmentally friendly. At the beginning it would be a small business with not a lot of model. I will have like 4 or 5 model, but then I will have several model swimwears. There is not much business suit out Montreal, the competition would be easier and industry of fashion swimwear is not much touch.

I had some errors in word choice for example, I wrote: I think and the feedback specified to try one of these nuanced synonyms for 'think': 'anticipate', 'assume', 'believe'. I had some errors in vocabulary and punctuation.

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