Early retirement for our old man

by cthiemonge on Mars 13, 2013 - 3:53pm

In Howard Levitt’s article it is said that early retirement could not be forced. In Ontario the death of the mandatory retirement gave the opportunity to the employers to make incentive retirement. The problem with people keeping their job for too much time is a fall in the employment rate. More and more people can have job but there is no place for them to work.  Employers can’t obligate their employees to quit the job or even make it really clear that they want them out. Proposing could be seen as discriminatory. If an employee wants to stay, he can.


I am really concerned about this because in about 4 years I will be on the market searching for a job. The problem is that if the baby boomers stay until they are 70 it will be really hard to find a job. I don’t think they should all quit but the government should put a law for retirement at 60 for a period of 10 years. Not only they keep the work but they cost more in salary. It would be a good plan if they were not that much. There will be needed institution for them; more cost in health and this will appear in our tax payments. I think we should let them keep their jobs and when they can’t work no more we replace them with fresh ones.