Canadian Company

by loup jr on Mars 3, 2013 - 8:40pm

I have decided to talk about Subway Company because I believe it is an ethical business. First of all, this company import their vegetable from country that doesn’t exploit the children. Also, Subway presents a healthy menu. She encourages the people with her active life program. This program helps people to lose weight and to have healthy life and support them with a mentor/coach. Subway Company supports the young sport teams. She subsidises local team and provide them with free submarines and bottles of water during sport tournament like hockey, golf and soccer. Subway as a policy about the student employees, she makes sure that no student works more than twenty hours a week. Subway is very strong about that and truly believes in its employee’s scholarship success. Subway as made a commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and have positive influence with community across the world.



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